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Neuropathy in COVID-19 associated with dysbiosis-related inflammation

Busra; Belma


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  "datePublished": "2021-08-30", 
  "description": "<p>Although COVID-19 affects mainly lungs with a hyperactive and imbalanced immune response, gastrointestinal and&nbsp;neurological symptoms such as diarrhea and neuropathic pains have been described as well in patients with COVID-19. Studies indicate&nbsp;that gut&ndash;lung axis maintains host homeostasis and disease development with the association of immune system, and gut microbiota is&nbsp;involved in the COVID-19 severity in patients with extrapulmonary conditions. Gut microbiota dysbiosis impairs the gut permeability&nbsp;resulting in translocation of gut microbes and their metabolites into the circulatory system and induce systemic inflammation which,&nbsp;in turn, can affect distal organs such as the brain. Moreover, gut microbiota maintains the availability of tryptophan for kynurenine&nbsp;pathway, which is important for both central nervous and gastrointestinal system in regulating inflammation. SARS-CoV-2 infection&nbsp;disturbs the gut microbiota and leads to immune dysfunction with generalized inflammation. It has been known that cytokines&nbsp;and microbial products crossing the blood-brain barrier induce the neuroinflammation, which contributes to the pathophysiology&nbsp;of neurodegenerative diseases including neuropathies. Therefore, we believe that both gut&ndash;lung and gut&ndash;brain axes are involved in&nbsp;COVID-19 severity and extrapulmonary complications. Furthermore, gut microbial dysbiosis could be the reason of the neurologic&nbsp;complications seen in severe COVID-19 patients with the association of dysbiosis-related neuroinflammation. This review will provide&nbsp;valuable insights into the role of gut microbiota dysbiosis and dysbiosis-related inflammation on the neuropathy in COVID-19 patients&nbsp;and the disease severity.</p>", 
  "headline": "Neuropathy in COVID-19 associated with dysbiosis-related inflammation", 
  "identifier": 227985, 
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  "keywords": [
    "gut microbiota dysbiosis", 
    "gut\u2013lung axis", 
    "gut\u2013brain axis"
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  "name": "Neuropathy in COVID-19 associated with dysbiosis-related inflammation", 
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