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One-pot synthesis of 1,2/3-triols from the allylic hydroperoxides catalyzed by zeolite-confined osmium(0) nanoclusters

   Goksu, Haydar; Dalmizrak, Digdem; Akbayrak, Serdar; Gultekin, Mehmet Serdar; Ozkar, Saim; Metin, Onder

A facile, efficient and eco-friendly method for the one-pot synthesis of 1,2/3-triols from the allylic hydroperoxides were developed by using zeolite-confined osmium(0) nanoclusters as reusable catalyst and without using any co-oxidant (H2O2, (BuOOH)-Bu-t, NMO, etc.) in water/acetone (v/v = 1/4) mixture at room temperature. In this method, the oxygen atom of the allylic hydroperoxide group was transferred to the double bond of the same molecule via zeolite-confined osmium(0) nanoclusters. The method has been successfully applied to various allylic hydroperoxides and the corresponding 1,2/3-triols were obtained in high chemical yield. Moreover, a plausible mechanism was proposed for the catalytic oxidation of allylic hydroperoxide to the respective 1,2/3-triols in the presence of zeolite-Os-0 catalyst gathering all the results collected by testing a variety of allylic hydroperoxides in the presence of zeolite-Os-0 catalyst. (c) 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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