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HORIZON EUROPE RIA PROJECT - CULTURATI_Deliverable D2.2 System Architecture Design and Specification Report

   Tekkalmaz, Metin

Lagares, Angel; Rondon, Santiago; Özçelik, Neşe Şahin; İkinci, Arzu Sibel; Gürel, Eda

The System Architecture Design and Specification document outlines the design and implementation of an innovative application that seamlessly combines Java Spring Boot, React.JS, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to create a personalized visitor experience. The proposed system aims to optimize visitor flow in indoor and outdoor spaces while providing guided tours and detailed information through a connected Wiki.JS library. The system also has a platform for content creators to create customized content.

The application will be developed with a micro-services architecture to ensure modularity and scalability. The back end will utilize Java Spring Boot, offering a robust and flexible foundation for handling various functionalities, including user management, AI algorithms, and database interactions. The micro-services approach allows for independent development and deployment of specific components, enhancing maintainability and reducing dependencies.

The front-end will be developed using React.JS, providing a modern and responsive user interface for visitors to access personalized routes and guided tours. React's component-based architecture promotes re-usability and enhances the overall user experience, accommodating visitors from different devices and platforms.

The core feature of the system involves the integration of AI algorithms to analyze real-time data and identify visitor traffic on each site. By leveraging AI, the application can optimize visitor flows, minimize congestion, and provide an enhanced visiting experience. The AI algorithms will also enable personalized routes for visitors, offering tailored tours based on their interests and preferences.

To support the site’s Wiki module, the system will seamlessly connect to a Wiki.JS library. This Wiki module will contain comprehensive information about registered sites, allowing visitors to access general details, historical insights, and exhibit information. Visitors will also have the ability to post comments, share experiences, and interact with the community. The Wiki module will also offer an administration role to manage and update information about the site.

The system architecture emphasizes security and data privacy. Robust authentication and authorization mechanisms will be implemented to safeguard sensitive information, ensuring that only authorized users have access to specific features and data. Data encryption will be applied to protect user information and maintain compliance with data protection regulations.

The system will utilize RESTful APIs to facilitate seamless communication between different modules. This approach allows for the smooth integration of data and functionalities across the entire system, enabling real-time updates and ensuring data consistency.

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