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LUNGBANK: A Novel Biorepository Strategy Tailored for Comprehensive Multi-Omics Analysis and P-Medicine Applications in Lung Cancer

   Demircan-Çeker, Dilek; Karadag, Abdullah

Background/aim: In support of Project LUNGMARK, LUNGBANK was established as a pioneering biorepository dedicated to lung cancer. Designed for streamlined biospecimens handling, it employs high-volume technologies to secure high-quality samples. Fortified with robust data management, LUNGBANK efficiently integrates diverse datasets. This strategic infrastructure positions LUNGBANK as more than a biospecimens repository; it operates as a sophisticated platform for advanced lung cancer research, amplifying the potential for meaningful discoveries.

Materials and methods: In support of Project LUNGMARK, the establishment of LUNGBANK, a pioneering biorepository system dedicated to lung cancer, was undertaken. LUNGBANK is intricately designed to streamline the collection, transfer, storage, and processing of biospecimens, employing high-volume technologies to ensure the acquisition of high-quality biological specimens. The system is fortified with robust data management protocols, facilitating efficient integration of diverse datasets. This strategic infrastructure ensures that LUNGBANK not only serves as a repository of biospecimens but also operates as a sophisticated platform for advanced lung cancer research, enhancing the potential for meaningful discoveries in the field.

Results: LUNGBANK, serving as a groundbreaking biorepository system, plays an essential role in furnishing a rich collection of biospecimens essential for unraveling the molecules and mechanisms linked to lung cancer. Rigorous standard operating procedures guided the meticulous collection of biospecimens, subjecting them to stringent quality control measures before inclusion in the study. Moreover, LUNGBANK has proven valuable in the establishment of patient-derived systems. The incorporation of cutting-edge technologies guarantees the acquisition of top-tier data, thereby amplifying the likelihood of substantial breakthroughs in both contemporary translational research and traditional histological evaluations.

Conclusion: The establishment of LUNGBANK marks a significant stride towards addressing the pressing need for effective diagnostic and therapeutic systems in lung cancer research. By facilitating the collection and analysis of high-quality biospecimens, LUNGBANK serves as a valuable resource for unraveling the molecular intricacies of lung cancer initiation and progression. This comprehensive system not only supports Project LUNGMARK but also contributes to the broader landscape of personalized medicine, tailoring interventions to the specific needs of lung cancer patients.

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