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Estimation of Viscosity of Alloys Using Gibbs Free Energy of Mixing and Geometric Model

   Hüseyin ARSLAN

Abstract—In the present work, using mixing Gibbs free energies and Chou’s general solution model (GSM),
by considering the excess activation energies from the binary subsystems, the viscosities of the simple ternary
Au–Ag–Cu, Al–Cu–Si, and Fe–Ni–Co and liquid alloys of binary subsystems have been evaluated via well
known Chou model and physical models, such as Kaptay, Kozlov–Romanov–Petrov (KRP), and Schick
et al. at temperatures 1373, 1375, and 1873 K. A comparison between the evaluated results and experimental
values of the Au–Ag–Cu, Al–Cu–Si, and Fe–Ni–Co ternary alloys was carried out. In this study, the success
of the application of the aforementioned geometric and physical models to the viscosity calculations of
the alloys discussed and the viscosite data are presented to the literature. In order to determine the applicability
success, the mean square deviation analysis was performed. According to the values in this table, Schick
et al. and KRP models which are derived from the physical quantities among the models discussed provide
best description of the viscosity for the Al–Cu–Si and Au–Ag–Cu alloys, respectivel

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