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Identification of passive constitutive arterial tissue parameters from pressure myography based on inverse hyperelasticity

   Okyar, Ali Fethi; Büyükkaya, Ömer Faruk; Karadağ, Cevat Volkan; Tuna, Bilge Güvenç

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ali fethi okyar

Changes in the mechanical properties of arteries due to growth, remodeling, or aging are related with cardiovascular diseases. These changes can quantitatively be assessed if a suitable set of biomaterial constitutive parameters could be fitted onto the in vitro response from pressure myography. In Simon et al (1970), a pressure-diameter dataset reflecting the internal pressurization stage was provided. However, this data did not include the excised state. We developed an analytical continuum-based computational procedure to pull the current state back to the excised (reference) state. Using this procedure the data was fitted to a simple exponential model, and a 56% decrease in the shear modulus and a 19% decrease in the exponential constant were observed. Similar observations were made for the hyperelastic fibre-reinforced continuum model by Holzapfel et al (2000). In conclusion, the parameter identification process may be hindered as a result of an incomplete or partial dataset. Inverse deformation mapping may be used to
produce the missing data.

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