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HORIZON EUROPE RIA PROJECT - CULTURATI_Deliverable D2.3 System Components Design and Specification Report

   Rondon; Lagares

Tekkalmaz, Metin; Özçelik, Neşe Şahin; İkinci, Arzu Sibel; Gürel, Eda

This System Component Design and Specification Report outlines the development and implementation of CULTURATI, an innovative online platform dedicated to fostering collective content creation for cultural heritage and arts across Europe. The project aims to utilize state-of-the-art digital technologies and cutting-edge approaches to engage end-users, including both institutions and individuals involved in Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) as well as citizens.

CULTURATI serves as a global content platform, offering customized games, such as Q&A games and treasure hunt-like experiences, to attract and engage consumers of cultural heritage and arts. It connects various groups in the public, including CCIs, social innovators, local, regional, and national authorities, sectoral partners, local SMEs, young people, minorities, disadvantaged groups, and citizens, actively involving them in content creation.

The platform caters to venue or site-based CCIs, such as museums, art galleries, art fairs, biennial events, palaces, castles, historic town centers, and cities. Additionally, it provides a space for CCI professionals, including artists, authors, handcraft designers, freelancers, painters, film, and animation producers, to share their knowledge and expertise in cultural and artistic merit.

The System Components Design and Specification Report delineates the architecture of CULTURATI, outlining the individual components and their interactions. It details the interface specifications, data flow, and security considerations that contribute to the seamless delivery of content to end-users. Moreover, the report encompasses performance requirements, technical specifications, and maintenance guidelines, ensuring the platform's efficiency and longevity.

By directly connecting the demand and supply sides of the cultural and creative sectors, CULTURATI endeavors to close the gap and promote active participation in content creation for heritage and arts. With its user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art technologies, the platform is poised to revolutionize how cultural heritage and arts are experienced and appreciated across Europe.

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