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Analogical Multiplicity in Bio-Inspired Design Process

Gunaydin Donduran, Cansu; Kasali, Altug; Dogan, Fehmi

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  "DOI": "10.48623/aperta.228086", 
  "abstract": "<p>This study explores the integration of biomimicry into design processes by providing a closer look at architectural practice and research and proposes a categorization of bio-inspired paradigms. Noticeable clusters within biomimetic approaches in architecture that share common principles are investigated throughout the research via a series of built examples that are considered to have biological phenomena as inspiration sources. Bio-inspired design processes are investigated via a categorization to detect the depth of analogical transfer and multiplicity. The paper sets out to present the issues concerning the analogical distance, multiplicity of approaches, and the decrease in the gap between nature and human-made phenomena.</p>", 
  "author": [
      "family": "Gunaydin Donduran", 
      "given": " Cansu"
      "family": "Kasali", 
      "given": " Altug"
      "family": "Dogan", 
      "given": " Fehmi"
  "id": "228086", 
  "issued": {
    "date-parts": [
  "language": "eng", 
  "title": "Analogical Multiplicity in Bio-Inspired Design Process", 
  "type": "paper-conference"
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