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A review of the ticks (Acari: Ixodida) of Turkey: species diversity, hosts and geographical distribution

   Bursali, Ahmet; Keskin, Adem; Tekin, Saban

Ticks are important ectoparasites, causing a variety of serious infectious diseases in humans and domestic animals. There is very limited taxonomic information about the tick species of Turkey in the literature, even though Turkey has very suitable climate and vegetation for ticks. In the current study, species diversity, hosts and geographical distribution of the ticks present in Turkey are reviewed based on taxonomic data in the literature from 1915 to 2011 and our recent observations. The names of tick species are arranged according to the most recent check lists. The taxonomic records in the literature and our studies on actual tick samples indicated that the tick fauna of Turkey consists of 46 species; 38 species from Ixodidae and 8 species from Argasidae.

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