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Advancements in rice disease detection through convolutional neural networks: A comprehensive review

   Gülmez, Burak

This review paper addresses the critical need for advanced rice disease detection methods by integrating artificial intelligence, specifically convolutional neural networks (CNNs). Rice, being a staple food for a large part of the global population, is susceptible to various diseases that threaten food security and agricultural sustainability. This research is significant as it leverages technological advancements to tackle these challenges effectively. Drawing upon diverse datasets collected across regions including India, Bangladesh, Türkiye, China, and Pakistan, this paper offers a comprehensive analysis of global research efforts in rice disease detection using CNNs. While some rice diseases are universally prevalent, many vary significantly by growing region due to differences in climate, soil conditions, and agricultural practices. The primary objective is to explore the application of AI, particularly CNNs, for precise and early identification of rice diseases. The literature review includes a detailed examination of data sources, datasets, and preprocessing strategies, shedding light on the geographic distribution of data collection and the profiles of contributing researchers. Additionally, the review synthesizes information on various algorithms and models employed in rice disease detection, highlighting their effectiveness in addressing diverse data complexities. The paper thoroughly evaluates hyperparameter optimization techniques and their impact on model performance, emphasizing the importance of fine-tuning for optimal results. Performance metrics such as accuracy, precision, recall, and F1 score are rigorously analyzed to assess model effectiveness. Furthermore, the discussion section critically examines challenges associated with current methodologies, identifies opportunities for improvement, and outlines future research directions at the intersection of machine learning and rice disease detection. This comprehensive review, analyzing a total of 121 papers, underscores the significance of ongoing interdisciplinary research to meet evolving agricultural technology needs and enhance global food security.

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