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Correlation of [Fe/H] Abundances of Normal and Metallic Lined A Stars with Other Element Abundances - Normal ve Metal Çizgili A Yıldızlarının [Fe/H] Bolluklarının Diğer Element Bollukları ile Korelasyonu

   ÇABUK, Senem; YÜCE, Kutluay; GULLIVER, Austin; ADELMAN, Saul

Some normal A-type main sequence stars appear to have surface abundances like those of metallic lined Am-type stars. This may be because we have not learned how to complete this separation. In this study, we investigate normal and metallic lined A (Am) stars to understand the details of their optical region abundances via statistical techniques for 13 elements (C, O, Mg, Si, Ca, Sc, Ti, Cr, Fe, Ni, Sr, Y, Ba) abundances determined by high resolution spectral data from the DAO (Dominion Astrophysical Observatory) by Yüce and Adelman (2014). With these data, correlation coefficients of 12 elements were calculated against their [Fe/H] abundances. As a result of regression analysis, the relationship of 12 elements with [Fe/H] abundance was determined. The results revealed that normal A-type stars differ from Am-type stars in terms of [Fe/H] abundance.

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