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The Relationship Between Poverty and Violence Against Women: Causality Contrary to Expectations

   Zanbak, Mehmet; Çağatay, Selim; Arık, Şebnem; Akay, Atiye Beyhan

In this research, a field study and analysis are carried out to test the argument that violence against women can lead to women’s poverty. The theoretical background and applied methodology are referred to as a “multidimensional poverty approach.” The field study was carried out in districts representing the urban part of Antalya province in Türkiye. Findings suggest that key reasons pushing women into poverty stem from the “empowerment and security” dimension. The rate of women experiencing deprivation in the indicators of regional danger and violence; being treated fairly; ethnic, religious, and cultural differences preventing access to
public services; excessive criticism; and exposure to violence is quite high. 

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