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Surface Tension and Surface Tension Assessment of Ag-Au-Cu Ternary and Sub-Binary Alloy Systems

   Hüseyin ARSLAN

A brief review of measurement techniques and theoretical studies on the surface
tension alloy and mixture has been presented in the present study. It is clear that the
experimental determination of thermodynamic and thermophysical properties of
both solid and especially liquid alloys at high temperature cases is frequently difficult
technologically. In addition to this, a lack of experimental data concerning
thermophysical properties of Ag-Au, Au-Cu, and Ag-Cu sub-binary systems is
obvious. The theoretical thermophysical data of the Ag-Au-Cu ternary alloy systems
are very scarce in the literature. Thus, the surface tensions of the alloys just mentioned
above for cross sections z = xAg/xAu = 1/3, 1/1, 3/1, 2/5, and 5/2, respectively,
and their sub-binary systems are much simply calculated from the surface tensions
of the Ag-Au, Au-Cu, and Ag-Cu sub-binary systems by using geometric models,
such as Muggianu, Kohler, Toop, and GSM (Chou’s general solution model) and
Butler’s equation. The predicted results in the present study show rather an agreement
with the experimental results of the alloys. Therefore, it is inferred that the
obtained surface tension curves for the Ag-Au-Cu ternary alloy at 1

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