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Determination of the Critical Driving Force Associated with Phase Transformation from Fcc(γ) phase to Hcp(ε) phase observed in Co-Cr-Mo Alloy

   Hüseyin ARSLAN

Abstract In order to pedict the thermodynamic properties for ternary systems from binary ones, using the Chou's model which is known as a new general solution model, Gibbs free energy and critical driving force associated with in fcc(γ) to hcp(ε) transformation observed in the Co-Cr-Mo ternary system containing very small nickel and carbon used widely in orthopedic implant materials such as hips and especially dental prosthesis in the human body are evaluated as a function of temperature. The Gibbs free energies and driving force and equilibrium temperature between the fcc and hcp phases are compared with those obtained from the experiments.

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