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Estimating of Surface Tension and Viscosity of Liquid Ag-Cu Alloys

   Hüseyin ARSLAN

Abstract: The present paper compares the results obtained from the experiments for the binary liquid Cu-Ag system at a temperature of 1373K. All viscosity models available in the existing literature on the viscosity dependence of the viscosity of binary liquid alloys were used. The same process was carried out for surface tension at a temperature of 1423 K for a dual liquid Cu-Ag system. In the literature survey, the Miedema model showed little use in determining the thermophysical properties of this alloy. Using Miedema model, the mixture enthalpy and excess Gibbs free energy in the aforementioned models were calculated. In the present study, a correspondence was found between surface tension and viscosity values. Surface tension and viscosity values were inversely proportional to the temperature, at a fixed silver fraction xAg, and directly proportional to copper content at a constant temperature. The obtained results were compared to the data in the existing literature.

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