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Design of Biomedical Wireless Inclinometer Device and Comparison of Measurements with Image Processing Method

   Çelik, Ahmet; Gül, Eren; Kaptan, Deniz; Uslu, Ahmet; Üzer, Okan; Çokçetin, Bahadır

The slope difference between the two surfaces is a physical magnitude that needs to be measured in areas such as physical therapy diagnoses, construction, machinery, geology, geophysics, sports sciences, orthopedics. One of the devices used to measure the inclination difference is the wireless inclinometer. The wireless inclinometer allows you to find the slope of a surface relative to the ground. Inclinometers are widely used as a biomedical device, especially in the field of physical therapy. The wireless inclinometer devices used in this area are imported products and their prices are very high compared to their costs. In this study, an electronic device prototype was produced that can wirelessly measure the inclination difference of an object according to its gravity reference, show the measurement on the screen as an angle value, and record it. To verify the data obtained through the device, the calibration of the inclinometer is carried out with the inclinometer device with an accuracy of 0.001 degrees used in the Geomatics Engineering. In this study; by making measurements on the designed wooden human model, the measurements found by the image processing method were compared with the measurements of the wireless inclinometer device. The smallest angle difference between the angle measured by the device and the angle measured by the image processing method was found to be 0.013 degrees. In this study, it is aimed to develop a cost-effective domestic design and production device with superior features of the designed inclinometers.

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