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Carboxymethyl chitosan Schiff base supported heterogeneous palladium(II) catalysts for Suzuki cross-coupling reaction

   Baran, Talat; Aciksoz, Eda; Mentes, Ayfer

In this study, two new O-carboxymethyl chitosan Schiff bases supported Pd(II) catalyst were synthesized (OCMCS-3aPd and OCMCS-4aPd). The catalysts were characterized with FTIR, TG/DTG, SEM/EDAX, XRD, ICP-OES, UV vis, magnetic moment and molar conductivity. The catalytic activities of these catalysts were tested in the synthesis of biaryl compounds by Suzuki cross-coupling reactions. Characterizations of the biaryls were performed with GC MS and H-1 NMR. In synthesis of the biaryl compounds in the presence of the Pd(II) catalyst, high selectivity was observed; no homo-coupling byproducts were detected in the spectra. A reusability test demonstrated that the catalysts were highly efficient even after ten run. The mercury poisoning and leaching tests indicated that the catalysts have heterogeneous nature. (C) 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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