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COPE Best Practice

   Ertekin, YH

COPE Best Practice Guideline

General duties and responsibilities
• actively seek the views of authors, readers, reviewers and editorial board members about ways of improving their
journal’s processes
• encourage and be aware of research into peer review and ‘journalology’ and reassess journal processes in the light
of new findings
• work to persuade their publishers to provide them with appropriate resources, guidance from experts (e.g. designers,
lawyers) and adequate training to perform their role in a professional manner and raise the quality of their journal
• support initiatives designed to reduce academic misconduct
• support initiatives to educate researchers about publication ethics
• assess the effects of their journal policies on author and reviewer behaviour and revise policies, as required, to
encourage responsible behaviour and discourage misconduct
• ensure that any press releases issued by the journal reflect the message of the reported article and put it into context

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