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Occurrence and problems of high fluoride waters in Turkey: an overview

Oruc, Nazmi


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  "datePublished": "2008-08-01", 
  "description": "<p>Endemic dental fluorosis was first observed in Turkey in Isparta Province, located in the SW of Anatolia, with mottled enamel related to the high levels of fluoride (1.5&ndash;4.0 ppm) in drinking waters, about 55 years ago. The origin of fluoride was attributed to the contents of minerals in volcanic rocks, consisting of pyroxene, hornblende, biotite, fluorapatite and glassy groundmass minerals. It was also reported about 35 years ago that severe dental and skeletal fluorosis has been observed in human beings and livestock in Dogubeyaz\u0131t and Caldiran areas, located around Tendurek Volcano in eastern Turkey, where natural waters contained fluoride levels between 2.5 and 12.5 ppm. It was hypothesised that fluoride, which might be transported by fumaroles or escaped from devitrified lavas, could be held on the surface of some minerals and then exchanged with OHin ground waters with high pH at the foothills of the young Tendurek Volcano. Endemic dental and skeletal fluorosis was also observed in the inhabitants in Kizilcaoren Village of Beylikova Town in Eskis&cedil;ehir Province situated in the midwest of Turkey, where the fluoride content of the drinking waters ranged from 3.9 to 4.8 ppm. The origin of high fluoride in the natural waters was related to the fluorspar deposits, occurring in the catchment area near the village. During the survey in the Gu&uml;llu&uml; Village of Esme-Usak, located in south-midwest of Turkey, it was observed that most of the inhabitants born and raised in the village and aged between 10 and 30 years, showed mild to moderate levels of mottled enamel. The fluoride contents of the deep well waters used for drinking in the village, varied from 0.7 to 2.0 ppm. Amorphous microscopic fluorite existing in the Pliocene lake limestones was considered as a possible origin of fluoride in the waters.</p>", 
  "headline": "Occurrence and problems of high fluoride waters in Turkey: an overview", 
  "identifier": 227925, 
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  "name": "Occurrence and problems of high fluoride waters in Turkey: an overview", 
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